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Do you have a program in place which conveys, with confidence, that your property has taken sanitation to a new level?   It will be imperative that your guests and visitors have a high degree of trust in you.  In our industry, we endearingly market our hotels as a ‘home away from home’.   Let QHA support you in your efforts to ensure your guests feel ‘at home’ in knowing your place of business is not only clean, but sanitized as well.  As a third party, we will work with you by providing the tools you need to elevate your sanitation practices.  Our program elements follow the guidelines outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other authorities in this arena.  Following program implementation and verification, we will provide you with a certificate to proudly display along with a logo for your website.  Put your trust in us, and your guests will put their trust in you.  Contact us today for details.      

Program Overview
  • Comprehensive self-audit.

  • Submission to QHA.

  • Verification by our team.

  • Action Items, if applicable, communicated to you along with corrective measures.

  • Certification awarded; includes certificate, website icon, and window sticker.

  • Audit scores retained and benchmarked for your records.

  • Re-certification required annually.

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