FIVE W's and How 

We are dedicated to providing concise Quality Assurance assessments with a specific purpose in mind:  How is your product perceived and experienced by your clients and guests?   Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes is the most effective way to get results and implement strategies to improve your valued product and service.


We are a passionate group of hospitality professionals that seek to dynamically improve the Quality Assurance marketplace.


Currently servicing North America and open to further discussion on global projects.


We are able to start working on your project immediately. Our diverse team is always looking for new projects and we would love the opportunity to discuss with you.


Our focus is to modernize the mystery shopping process in the Hospitality and adjacent industries. 


We see a need for a modern shift in the quality assurance business. A solution that couples top of the line software with an individual approach to maximize the value of our services.


Our process has the capacity to get as detailed as needed. We will meet with you (and your team) to discuss your needs and look to bring ideas to the table to maximize your results in the quickest manner possible.

QHA, First Impressions Last Inc.   1.800.724.5039