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Shhh!! Quiet Quitting Is Happening Today!

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Where did Liam go? I didn't even know Emma wanted to leave?

Quiet Quitting

Refers to the act of resigning from a job or leaving a situation without making a fuss or drawing attention to oneself. Instead of giving a lengthy notice, making a public announcement, or causing drama, a person who chooses to quietly quit will simply slip away without drawing attention to themselves.

Quiet quitting can be a useful strategy for individuals who value discretion or who want to avoid conflict or drama. For example, if you are leaving a job that has been stressful or unpleasant, you may not want to draw attention to yourself or create a negative atmosphere on your way out. Instead, you might prefer to quietly resign and move on with your life.

While quiet quitting can be an effective strategy for avoiding conflict, it is not always the best approach. In some cases, it may be important to speak up and make your voice heard. For example, if you are leaving a job due to harassment or discrimination, you may want to make a formal complaint or seek legal action to protect yourself and others.

Ultimately, the decision to quietly quit or speak out depends on the circumstances of the situation and the individual's personal values and priorities. Whether you choose to quietly quit or make a bold statement, it is important to do what feels right for you and to take care of yourself throughout the process.

The biggest problem you won't hear about

Quiet quitting may be the silent killer of your team's dreams and aspirations, slowly suffocating the passion and potential within individuals who silently slip away from their goals without anyone in the company noticing.

When your employee goes quiet they could be already gone!

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